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Contrast Sensitivity

Description and Rationale

Difficulties in contrast sensitivity are often more problematic for a student than increased visual acuity loss. A student with a visual impairment who has reduced or low contrast sensitivity may have difficulty seeing a light colored marker on a dry erase board, facial expressions given by a teacher, or details in objects.

Include a formal contrast screening (using an eye chart in which all letters are the same size but varying in contrast from very black to lighter shades of grey, Lueck, 2004) to act as a comparison to the clinical measure.

Birth - 3 Years

Pediatric Contrast Sensitivity is assessed

3-5 Years

Pediatric Contrast Sensitivity is assessed

5-22 Years

Contrast Sensitivity is assessed

Multiple Disabilities/Deafblind

Contrast Sensitivity is assessed


Individuals with similar distance visual acuities may function very differently due to the individual's ability to detect differences in contrast.

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